Parents Advice Page

  • If you have any hints or tips that you have tried and found useful, we would be delighted to include it in our Parents Advice Page.
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  • The best parties will appear to be spontaneous and fun. Such parties, however, have invariably been carefully planned and prepared.
  • Here you will find some useful hints and tips on how to ensure that a fun time is had by all.

Planning by Age

  • Generally, less planning is needed for younger children. Very young children, up to five years old will not usually need much more than a few simple games to keep them happy.
  • Five to ten year olds are much more demanding, and may expect a variety of games and activities.
  • Games and activities for the over ten.s will have to be chosen a bit more imaginatively, as young people are often self-conscious and easily embarrassed.

Selecting Games

  • It is important to select a good mix of games, bearing in mind the ages and characters of your guests. It is best to avoid playing too many active games one after the other. Active games should be mixed with quiet games in order to give the guests a chance to recover.
  • Games should be chosen well in advance (see Popular Party Games for the rules to some popular games for parties). Make a list of the equipment needed for each game you plan to play and make sure everything is prepared in advance.
  • Prepare more games than you think you will need. If you are planning outdoor games, make sure you have alternative indoor games prepared in case of bad weather. These extra games could be games that require no equipment or preparation, but make sure that you have a good supply of prizes.

General advice on Games

  • Don't let any one game go on too long (particularly with younger children)
  • Prepare in advance to provide plenty of space if players need to move about (by moving furniture etc) and, if you are planning some boisterous games, remove any breakable objects from the room.
  • Consolation prizes are often a good idea, particularly where the guests are younger.
  • Boisterous games are best played before any meal.
  • Plenty of balloons are an essential for any children.s party, and some games may make use of them.